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Slow Updating Portage Cache |

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Slow Updating Portage Cache

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Slow Updating Portage Cache. Details about Slow Updating Portage Cache.

slow updating portage cache

May 21, 2012

... to a fellow who wanted to know why Portage wasnt updating the metadata. ... This process populates the cache database that portage uses for pre-parsed ... Actually its slower Without SQLite cache With SQLite cache ...Jun 23, 2012 ..

. This Cache is provided for your enjoyment by a Sourdough Member of ... Of course, Grandpa was slow with the camera, but our encounter with a live ... Last Updated: 2012-11-03T03:03:17Z on 11/2/2012 8:03:17 PM Pacific ...Oct 11, 2005 ... Mark Knecht wrote: > Hi, > It seems that over the last few months that the Updating > portage cache part of an emerge sync has gotten very, ..

.Jun 1, 2012 ... To search packages, the utility "eix" in app-portage/eix is recommended. After you emerged eix, build the eix cache by running eix-update. "eix" replaces emerge --search functionality (which is slow) and also emerge --sync.eix-update generates a binary cache from your local portage-tree and .... and also to help speed up searching over slow connections such as a serial console.Sep 28, 2005 ... On Wed, 28 Sep 2005 15:04:43 +0200, Holly Bostick wrote: > Well, esync might be what you want-- its part of gentoolkit, esync is part or

...Sep 11, 2012 ... Portage Features; Distributed Compiling; Caching Compilation; Binary Package ... rc-update add distccd default # /etc/init.d/distccd start ... The first time you run ccache, it will be much slower than a normal compilation.Aug 16, 2010 .

.. The process of updating your system would be slightly changed, you have to update ( eix-update ) eixs cache after you sync Portage tree.Sep 28, 2005 ... Hello, I want to know for what reason there is sth like updating portage cache after rsync in emerge sync. Its very very slow and I dont know why ...A few days ago, Ive noticed that portage cant update my system ..... but /usr/ portage/metadata/cache/ left empty and portage works slow again: ...